Allergy Clinics

There should be specialised Allergy Clinics in your town/city. If you do a google search under 'skin prick allergy testing' you will find your nearest allergy testing specialist. And if you or your child has severe Eczema then this is probably the best place to start, because it's likely that you may have a food allergy which is triggering the eczema.

Also, many people have allergies to certain chemicals / plastics / latex, so if you have an ongoing rash it might be an allergy that you are unaware of, and a simple skin prick test will detect that. Granted they can be quite expensive; I think when my daughter had hers done it cost about $300, but honestly it was so worth it to know exactly what she was and wasn't allergic to. And it's made our life a lot easier to manage, now that we no longer have those questions lingering over our heads.


Your local Hospital

Enquire at your local hospital to see if there are Allergy Specialists or Dermatologists that you could make an appointment to see. They don't always have long waiting lists, so it's worth calling to find out! Keep in mind though, that if you are trying to seek Natural Alternative Therapies, this may not be your best treatment option.


'Healthy Life' Health Stores

You may have noticed 'Healthy Life' stores have had a bit of a revamp lately. And along with their new look, they have also added more specialised services, like Food Intolerance testing. You can be tested for things like Gluten Intolerance, and Lactose Intolerance. I'm not entirely sure how accurate these tests are, but it could be a good stepping stone if you can't afford an allergy test straight away.

They also have some Naturopathic services in store on certain days, and a good range of allergy-friendly food, like coconut yoghurt, gluten free bread, alternative grains, and inner health supplements. If you have eczema, allergies or leaky gut syndrome then the dairy-free inner health plus supplement is a great place to start with rebuilding good nutrition.

Check in with your local store for Naturopathic service times.



Trying to find an Allergist, Dermatologist or Immunologist in your area?





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