Your local GP

Your local doctor may have limited knowledge about skin conditions, but he can still offer you some advice, or refer you to the appropriate specialist in your area. If your skin is very red or inflamed it might be best to get a short term script from your doctor for some mild cortisone cream, just to ease the redness until you are able to see another specialist. Dermatologists recommend only using cortisone/steroid creams for 3-5 days at a time, then having a break from it for twice that amount of time.

I have used mild cortisone cream for my daughter on a few occassions, but only when her skin was so red and inflamed that any other cream (and even taking a bath) would sting her skin and make her upset. I would try to avoid using cortisone if you can though as it contains toxins that can build up in the body if used long term. The main thing is for you to find a long term Solution, and to treat your skin condition from the inside out, Naturally.