If you would like a completely natural / herbal way to treat your skin condition then a Homeopath might be a good choice for you. They will treat your condition from the inside out, with natural foods, medicines and herbal remedies.

I was taking my daughter to a Homeopath for her eczema at one stage, and i did start to see improvement in her skin after a couple of weeks. There were a few little herbal pills that my daughter had to take every day (which she didn't mind at all, as they looked & tasted like lollies). And they were quite expensive, but I did see an improvement in my daughter's skin every week. I didn't continue treatment at the homeopath though because she wasn't improving as quickly as I had hoped, and I still had an incling that she had food allergies, so I really wanted to find out what those allergies were first before I continued with her treatment. We went to get a skin prick allergy test and . . . as it turned out . . it showed that she has multiple food allergies. From then on, once I removed those foods from her diet completely (and rigorously I might add. You must completely cut them out of your diet, even if certain foods contain 'traces' of it) her skin improved to almost 100% clear!

So if you have a minor skin condition it might well be worth the trip to the homeopath. But, if you suspect that you have allergies, it is best to get your allergy test done first.