Even though we may assume that the foods we are eating are good for us, they can still harbour chemicals, and be completely nutrient deficient due to chemical spraying, longer handling times, air pollution, and so on.

In this fast paced world we now actually need to be even more diligent with what we put into (and onto) our bodies, and thankfully organic goods and produce are slowly gaining popularity and the recognition they deserve. Which will mean a healthier, and hopefully in the near future cheaper, form of natural health and nutrition. Back to the way things were done 100 years ago, when people ate fresh local produce every day, and they weren't scared of eating butter, or the fat off the top of a casserole.

Some leading medical health and holistic practitioners believe that the immune system can be mended with the correct nutrition and by following a program such as the GAPS diet (gut and psychology syndrome). This diet helps to heal the stomach, and the immune system, making it stronger and more able to absorb the nutrition the body needs. It is also possible that once the program is complete, and the body has had the time to rebuild itself, the foods that once caused a mild reaction or intolerance, could perhaps be eaten again. Starting with very small quantities of course, and all in moderation.



What is an Intolerance or Sensitivity?

An intolerance or sensitivity is the symptoms caused by an over reactive immune system. The reaction is due to the excessive histamine released to help combat the trigger. It takes it's name from the tissue the particular inflammation takes place in, for example;

ECZEMA - inflammation of the skin

ASTHMA - inflammation of the windpipe

HAYFEVER - inflammation of the nose, eyes, sinus etc

ARTHRITIS - possible histamine causing inflammation of the joints


 The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy is a great source of information for people with food allergies or intolerances. Please follow the link below for Health Information, Anaphylaxis Action Plans & Updates.  thank you ASCIA.