Nickel allergy

Nickel sensitivity is quite common, especially in women. Anyone can become allergic to nickel, but more cases are seen during teenage years when girls start to wear cheap metal jewellery. Ear piercing can sometimes start up a nickel allergy.

It is also possible for someone to develop a nickel allergy later in life. And even if a person has been in contact with it for a long period of time with no previous side effects, they may suddenly become allergic to it for no reason.

Symptoms of a Nickel Allergy include;

- a red, itchy rash under a piece of jewellery

- a red, itchy rash under jeans studs or snap buttons on some clothing

- a red, itchy rash under the strap of your watch.

Often the rash is induced by rubbing, and sweat. If the condition is not properly treated, and irritation continues, the skin might dry out and become red, scaly and cracked. Once an allergic rash to Nickel has developed on a particular part of the body, it is possible for the rash to show up again on that site whenever the body comes into contact with nickel, even if the contact is at a different location on the body.


Jobs where people are likely to come into contact with, and become sensitive to Nickel;

- hairdressing,

- nursing

- catering

- cash handling

- and anyone handling metals