Treatment Plan for SEVERE Eczema                                


When it comes to Eczema, it makes life a lot easier if you have simple step-by-step instructions on how to manage it properly on a daily basis. Then you can easily incorporate those steps into your daily routine, and know that you'll be on track to managing it without those dreaded flare ups.


Whichever treatment plan and/or diet you decide to adopt, it's very important that you stick to it every day! Because if you don't follow a strict diet and daily skincare regime, as soon as you slip-up it will set you back for days (and more often than not, the slip-up wasn't worth the set back).


1. It's important to address your diet first. Eczema is an immune disease, and as 80% of your immunity is in your gut and digestive tract, it makes sense to get your insides healthy, and working for you, so that your body is able to absorb all the nutrients it needs. This will in-turn help your skin to be healthy and have the tools it needs to heal quickly when needed.



2Good Fats - Your skin is a picture of your health, so if you have a leaky gut, or if your immune system is either compromised, or just not strong enough to deal with all the food and toxins that enter your body, then it's likely that is what is causing eczema. Did you know that 80% of your immune system runs through your stomach, so it makes sense to strengthen your body on the inside so that it can fight off intolerances, germs and disease.
Everyone's Eczema is different, and sometimes eczema is merely a result of environmental allergens, chemicals & sensitivities, so this won't be beneficial to everyone, but it's still worth keeping your immune system strong and healthy!
If you can't face going onto a strict, time consuming diet like GAPS ...... try to simply incorporate good fats into your diet, like avocado, coconut oil, bone broth and marrow.
It's also very important to be taking a good quality probiotic. This will give your insides a boost to fight off bacteria and viruses. Probiotic are an essential part of healing your gut, and once your gut is healed, and strong, you may even start to outgrow your food intolerances.




3. Probiotics - as we spoke about above, you can get good quality, allergy friendly probiotics from your local health food store. Everyone, especially children, should take a course of probiotics at least a few times each year. People with compromised immune systems should take probiotics on a more regular basis.




4. Cod liver oil / Fish oil tablets - taken daily are an essential supplement to heal your skin, and keep it healthy long term. People with seafood allergies can alternatively get healthy oils from eating a variety of nuts and seeds.




5. Magnesium Baths - are beneficial to both your body and your skin. Magnesium alkalises your body, and is calming for eczema sufferers, mind and body. This is especially beneficial for teenagers / adults with eczema, as quite often their eczema can be related to stress.





 6. Water Purification Systems for your Shower - unless you're lucky enough to use rain water as your main source of water in your house, it's likely the water that comes through your pipes contains chlorine, possibly some rust and fluoride. These chemicals (yes I'm calling them chemicals because they're not of benefit to your body in any way) can wreak havoc on your skin, let alone your immune system. Our bodies have so many toxins to fight off every day, why make your body struggle if it doesn't need to. If you install a water purification system your skin will thank you for it, and you can rest assured knowing that if your kids drink the water it's actually a good thing!

These purification systems are a fantastic addition to your kitchen and laundry as well. Drinking purified water is sooo much better for your health, and you will feel the results yourself within days.


Pure Water Systems -




7. Moisturising Cream - moisturise your skin at least twice daily, all over your body and face. If you have a mild eczema flare up try to moisturise more often. And apply it as soon as you get out of the bath / shower. It will absorb much better if your skin is still a little bit wet.
Our favourite is the 'Hope's Relief' Moisturising Lotion for Eczema, which soothes, heals and hydrates. Made with all natural plant based ingredients, like mango butter, shea butter, licorice root and calendular.





8. Skin Barrier Cream such as coconut oil. Lather on the skin before your child goes swimming to protect the skin from chlorine and the elements.
A tbsp of coconut oil in the bath water stops the skin from drying out, as it keeps the natural oils in your skin. It's antifungal as well, so helps to remove germs from the skin while bathing. This is particularly good for children who have been scratching their skin and have small wounds or grazes on them.  




9. Wear soft 100% Cotton Clothing where possible. Bamboo fabric is even better as it is anti-bacterial and breathes very well in any climate, keeping your skin at the ideal temperature, and minimising night time itchiness.
We stock 'Bamboo Bubby' Sleeping Bags which are suitable for babies through to toddlers. They have received so many good reviews and are perfect for stopping your child from scratching throughout the night:
   Bamboo Bubby Sleeping Bag _ available in different colours in our store
For during the day, parents who have young children with eczema find the 'Bamboo Bubby' Scratch-me-Not Sleeves very handy too. They have flip over mittens which children can't undo themselves, and this can help to minimise eczema scratching in the car, at the shops, or at nap time.
 Bamboo Bubby Scratch-me-Not Sleeves _ available in a range of colours
Like to see how the Scratch-Me-Not Sleeves work? ............
Soft cotton sheets and clean mattresses can also help an eczema sufferer to be more comfortable at night. Dust mite covers are an essential if the person also has dust mite allergies.




10. Wet Wrapping -  can provide enormous relief for someone going through an eczema flare up. It really is the best way to ensure they get a good nights sleep, by calming the skin and preventing the itch.
Our tubifast garments make wet wrapping an easy process:
  • The first step is to give the person a bath in mild soap and coconut oil.
  • As soon as they get out of the bath gently pat their skin, but don't completely dry it or rub it. 
  • Immediately apply a thick coating of moisturising cream, like Hope's Relief Hydrating Lotion
  • Place the tubifast garments in a sink / bucket of warm water to soak.
  • Squeeze the water out of the garment and carefully dress the person in them. Be mindful not to rub all of the cream off in the process. 
  • Put some warm clothing over the top to keep them warm throughout the night.
  • If the tubifast garments dry out through the night, you can use a water spray bottle filled with warm water, to gently re-wet the garments.
  • If you're a parent applying wet wrapping to your baby / child, I find the easiest way is to set your alarm for midnight, then you can just get up that one time to re-spray the wet wrap garments. This will help your child to remain comfortable and hopefully sleep through the entire night! 




11. Use natural cleaning products around the home. When you have eczema your skin is more open and susceptible to absorbing everything in your environment (including toxic chemicals which can be irritating for the skin). Limiting the use of toxic cleaning products around the home can make life a lot easier. Try using essential oils, like clove oil to clean mould. And peppermint oil diluted to clean your kitchen benchtops.




12. Switch from regular washing powder to a natural, hypo-allergenic brand. Our Eco Laundry Soap Nuts are very effective at washing your clothing with no chemicals, and cost much less than ordinary washing powder!
You can even boil them in a saucepan, and use the liquid as a general household cleaner. Simply pop a handful of the soap nuts into a medium saucepan, boil gently for 1hr, then strain the liquid through a chux. The liquid can be poured into a spray bottle and used to clean benchtops, bathrooms, toys, and just about anything!





13. Use Eucalyptus Liquid as a fabric softener. You can get a Eucalyptus liquid from Woolworths, and it's Austalian Made. 2 tablespoons per load is plenty, and it will help to kill any germs and eliminate smells without leaving all the chemical residue on your clothing like regular fabric softener does. You can also just use a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil









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