If your Eczema flares up, and your skin is red, patchy and inflamed
I highly recommend WET WRAPPING ....
Wet Wrapping for Eczema can be your godsend when nothing else seems to soothe the skin.
And the added bonus . . . it's just water on your skin, and nothing else! No nasty cortisone or petrochemicals.
The way it works is that it 'feeds' the moisture into your skin, continually for several hours (until the wet wraps dry out). And at the same time your skin is covered, so it's not exposed to the dry air or allergens in the environment, again helping to retain the moisture and reducing the itch.
Wet wrapping can be the most effective way to reduce inflammation, and calm the redness in the skin.
It can also dramatically ease the itchiness, especially at night when you want your little one to get a good nights sleep!



Can anyone apply Wet Wraps?

Yes! Before you go thinking that Wet Wrapping may be too hard and time consuming . . . it's really not that hard once you get into a routine with it. And it is soooo worth the effort!! I have been wet wrapping my daughter's skin for 3 years, whenever I notice that her eczema has flared up a bit. Not only does it improve her skin dramatically, it also helps her to sleep right through the night! Which is so important, both for your childs' sanity and yours!


How to apply wet wrapping bandages:

  • Your child should have a bath using a natural soap substitute, like our Goats Milk Body Wash
  • Gently pat the skin dry. Do not rub the skin as this will strip the moisture away from it.
  • Immediately after the bath apply a generous layer of moisturising cream all over the body. Our favourite is Hope's Relief Hydrating Lotion because it's super fast at healing the skin, and it's allergy-friendly. 
  • Then get a bucket or sink of warm water and soak your bandages in it. Wring them out and immediately dress your child in them.
  • Once you have finished dressing them in the wet layer, dress them in a dry layer of bandages, or dry soft cotton clothing, to keep them warm and lock the moisture in. If you are dressing your child the dryer layer could just be soft cotton pyjamas.
  • The bandages should be left overnight but for no longer than 24 hours. 


If it's an extreme Eczema Flare Up, you can keep the wet layer moist as it dries out using a water spray....

Just buy a cheap $2 water spray bottle from the supermarket, and throughout the night when your child is asleep you can re-wet the Tubifast Garment (set your alarm even just once through the night to hop up and do this task). Yes you will still be tired the next day but the results will be worth it! I have done this many times before and it really pays off! Be sure to put a layer or a blanket over them to keep them warm at all times.


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    (with fold-over mittens)



Can Steroid Creams be used under wet wraps?

Yes, but this should be under the supervision of a doctor as we know that steroids under wet wraps can be absorbed into the body. If you can't avoid using steroids at some point to get your condition under control, then it is recommended that you apply a thick layer of cream onto your skin before you apply the steroid cream, then you are ready to apply your bandages over the top.

In most cases, using the wet wraps overnight with a moisturiser, and then applying the steroids in the morning (without wraps) is enough. Wet wrapping is very effective on its own though, so with any luck you won't need to use steroid creams at all!


*Do NOT consider wet wrapping if you suspect your skin might be infected. Consult your GP first, just in case you need a course of antibiotics to get the infection under control


How to Wash your Wet Wrap Garments:
The wet wraps can be greasy when you remove them, because of the moisturising cream. To avoid clogging up your washing machine, soak the wraps in hot soapy water before popping them in to wash.